"Gotta b back b4 midnight"

WHAT!!! What does b and b4 means.....

Gaming has become popular over the years. Within that, there is gaming language, which has been created and been used not just for gamers but for all internet users and electronic users to communicate. Here on this website you can learn more of what this language can become.

Digital Language Divide (DLDs)

Are you in the generation of digital language


The term digital language divide (DLD) has been created to narrow this research project’s focus. The DLD refers to individuals in developed countries using language inspired by online gaming regularly in their daily lives. The DLD is partitioning users of computers, cell phones and other personal digital devices.

Gaming Language

Abbreviations and acronyms rule the world of gaming language. Many users of digital devices adopt this language and use it when text messaging, emailing and chatting on the Internet. This begs the question, are digital mediums changing language?


Our research project group tested this hypothesis by identifying groups of people who have more knowledge of this language than others, and where those rifts exist. The digital language divides (DLDs) our group created were age, gender, income and access to new technologies. Our group has tested for DLDs by having subjects answer a survey determining their knowledge of gaming language and their use, or lack thereof, of digital communication devices.

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Tri-Folder Presentation Created by DLD members

Produced for Washington State University, DTC 375 class, Spring 2009